Thanks for taking time to visit my little corner of the world, my haven.

This is a place I like to go to think about what shapes me, moves me…confuses me.

It’s where I go to think about things that go wrong, things that are so right; love and loss and the moon and the stars and the smallest of things that make life so blissful. It’s where I go to think about all the things I want to be before it’s all too late and the fat lady has sung her song.

Till She Sings is all about the work in progress that is me and how no matter how shitty or fantastic I feel at any given moment there are still lessons to be learnt about myself, experiences to be inhaled deeply and golden flecked childhood memories to be thought about and protected with a big, giant hug.

Other times it may also be about finding small, quiet and beautiful moments in everyday life, or having an opinion on something I feel strongly about. This is also a very cathartic outlet for me – deeply entwined in grief after the unexpected death of my dear father who passed away suddenly last year, leaving us all much too soon.

I have spent most of my life really, stupidly thinking it’s all too late, I am too old, I couldn’t do that now at my age. My opinion doesn’t matter. I am weak. I am sorry – always sorry.

Till She Sings, to me, means it is never too late. It really ain’t over..well till it is. It also means to never give up and keep striving till you hit that note and get a sweet tune. I am a bumbling idiot most of the time, and hope that you are with me in solidarity! I hope you see yourself in my little chapters, and join me on this journey of working stuff out and trying our best. Oh and yes, I do consider myself the fat lady in this concept too.

Don’t worry, you all have time to go find some suitable earplugs before I jump on stage, grab the mic stand…and start to SING!

Em xoxo


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