Moving On!

Well folks, it has been quite an amazing few years and have so much to be appreciative of and excited for!

This is a bit of an announcement, to advise that I have made the decision to finish the Till She Sings blog, this will be it’s final post.

I have felt for a while now a lot of my inspiration and creativeness has been a bit stifled within the walls of this blog … like when you were a kid and you outgrow your first bed and your feet dangle over the end…I just want to sprawl around in a new bigger grown ups bed!.. and so it is time to fold it all up and keep it somewhere safe, and move on.


I feel that I have well and truly outgrown my initial mission/ concept (and cringe-worthy original posts way back when), and matured in my writing and where I want to go next.

The good news is, I have been flexing my web design muscles for a good while now and have created a new improved blog for us all to explore together!

You will still find the same Emma-ry posts, but with a more professional look and feel!

Having had my work published in some pretty exciting spaces recently, has pushed me to make the change and hit the refresh button completely.

I have decided to transfer many of my posts from Till She Sings, to the new blog where they are all will be archived, so you will see familiar posts when you explore the new space.

So, the new space!


The Emma Kate Collection

Please click on the link when you can and subscribe to my new adventure.

I have loved and have been so thankful for all of your support, in reading my work and reaching out to me over the years and would very much be brokenhearted if we didn’t continue on together.

I hope to see you over at The Emma Kate Collection really soon!

All my love and thanks forever,

Em xoxo


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